Who we are

We are efficient and creative. We skillfully work with all platforms and multiple partners all at once. We make operational structures light, fluid and profitable. We enable brands to better identify valued marketing insights and make use of the best expertise to ensure success of our missions.

NIXA is the lever that maximizes client ROI of its by a continuous and transparent control of the time spent and costs of each project iteration, in a participatory mode. Maximizing the return on investment of each action leads us all to success.

Team Building: Picnicking and Volleyball!

The team took some sun during their summer activity: Luxury picnic with a volleyball tournament! ☀️

Nixa was at the Espace Fabrique launch!

Contractors and craftsmen will be able to create models and prototypes themselves at the 12,000 square foot Espace Fabrique. Nixa was at the launch of this makerspace to accompany the director general, Emmanuelle Raynauld, in her adventure.

New Genius!

Nicolas joins the Nixa team as a quality assurance specialist!

6@8 of the JCCM

Élisabeth Gosselin enjoyed the first sunny days during the 6@8 of the JCCM to meet multiple young contractors and Nicolas Duvernois.

New Genius

I'm a backend developer, interested in entrepreneurship, cars and traveling I am Michael and I make part of team Nixa

Team activity : Archery Combat !

What better team-building activity than a archery combat? 🏹

New Genius!

Kent joins the Nixa team as a commercial representative!

New Genius!

Vincent joins the Nixa team as a business analyst!

The honorable Chrystia Freeland!

NIXA.ca received a special mention from Canada's Minister of International Trade at its Business Outlook Conference, organized by the Montreal International Relations Council.

New Genius!

Elizabeth joins the Nixa team as a quality assurance specialist!

Nixa at CES 2017!

Nixa was at the 50th Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM)!

Happy Holidays!

The team wishes you a happy holiday! We hope that you are having as much fun as the Nixa family! 🎁 ❤

Christmas stockings

Our christmas stockings are ready! Now, the team is having fun sharing plenty of little surprises! ⛄ 🎅

New Genius!

Sebastian joins the Nixa team as an integrator!

Israël 2016 Deleguation

Tel Aviv with the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal and the City of Montreal.

Offices in Philadelphia!

In collaboration with 1Digital Agency, we have opened a new office in Philadelphia!

New Genius!

Carlos joins the Nixa team as vice president of sales!

New Genius!

Marc-Antoine joins the Nixa team as our mobile and backend developer!

New Genius!

Claudie joins the Nixa team as our integrator

Entertainment Center The Raving Rabbids

Nixa was at the Ubisoft Rabbids Amusement Center last Monday to test the new installations! Fun and thrills guaranteed! Invite your friends to share the Raving Rabbids experience!

Advertising week New York 2016

New Genius !

We welcome Yanis, our newest backend developer!

New Genius !

Christopher joins the Nixa team as our backend developer

New Genius!

Welcome to Jean-Paul, our new backend developer!

Team activity : Kayak !

Thanks to our "Team-Building" activity, we are now professional kayakers!

Happy birthday!

Today we celebrate the anniversary of our geniuses; Gabriel and Guy! This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy delicious cupcakes.

Team activity : Sushi !

A good sushi diner delivered to our office : What better way to start the summer?

New Genius!

Jean-François joins the Nixa team as chief backend developer.

New Genius!

We welcome Patrick, our new backend developer!

New Genius!

Julien joins the Nixa team as our project manager!

New Genius !

Javid joins the Nixa team as our backend developer

New Genius!

Christophe joins the Nixa team as our backend developer

Team activity : Curling !

What better "Team-Building" activity than learning to play curling? We made good poses for you!

Happy birthday!

The whole Nixa team wishes a happy birthday to our three geniuses : Phil, Bruno and Pierre-Olivier.

New Genius!

Elisabeth joins the Nixa team as our head of customer relations.

Christmas Party

The team passed some quality time at the Casino of Montreal to celebrate the holidays

New Genius!

Nicholas is joining the Nixa team as an office administrative assistant

A little coffee?

Are you responsible for production within your agency? Have a coffee and discuss your new projects with the Nixa team. We are here, and we welcome you!

New Genius!

Charlotte is joining the Nixa team as an office administrative assistant

Ability to adapt to all working environments

We are ready to adapt to any possible situation

New Genius!

Yanick joins the Nixa team as our web integrator

New Genius!

Pierre-Olivier joins the Nixa team as head of production. BAA in International Management, he is a Master in Electronic Commerce from HEC Montréal.

Office at New York

We are proud to celebrate the launch of our new office in New York!

New Genius!

Bruno joins the Nixa team as our Director of business development for North America

Team activity : Decalade !

The Geniuses of Nixa went to push their limits by confronting vertigo and gravity during an afternoon of Decalade

New Genius!

Guy joins the Nixa team as our Front End developer. He comes fron the Abitibi and studied computer science at the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal.

JAM Networking

Photo Credit: Photo Albert Zablit

New Genius!

Giovanna joins the Nixa team as an Assistant to the President! Student at HEC Montréal for a Certificate in Organizational Leadership and Communication and Media Studies.

We have a candy bar !

New Genius!

Gabriel joins the Nixa team as a web integrator and project coordinator. He studied Computation Arts at Concordia University and holds a multimedia integration technical degree from the Cégep de St-Jérôme.

Launch of the Six Hyatt Terrace

We got pins!

Team building

Build the highest tower with spaghetti and marshmallows? It takes teamwork.

JAM Networking

Photo Credit : Photo Albert Zablit

New Genius!

Julien joins the Nixa team as a web integrator. He holds a multimedia integration technical degree from Cégep de Saint-Jérôme, and studies computer science and software engineering at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

New Genius!

Marion joins the Nixa team as communication officer. She is an expert in social media and marketing strategy!

Smells like spring at Nixa!

We wanted to give a breeze of freshness in the office with a new decoration! Admire the lanterns!

New Genius!

Hugo comes to expand the Nixa team as a web integrator. He is always looking for new things to learn and plunges himself into a good book.

Grands Ballets Canadiens

march 21st, 2015 @ Young Governors' Night of the Grands Ballets Canadiens, Place des Arts

The Journal of Insurance

March 17, 2015 @ The Journée de l'Assurance de Dommage 2015, with our customers and friends of the Journal of Insurance

JAM Networking

February 19th, 2015 @ La Galerie 203 photo credit : Albert Zablit

New Genius!

Philippe de Launière Bédard joins the Nixa Genius team as a Front-End developer! With a keen sense of autodidactism. Phillipe holds a multimedia integration tecnical degree from Collège de Maisonneuve.

JAM Networking

january 22nd, 2015 @ Galt photo credit : Albert Zablit

Nixa celebrates it's two years

The entire Nixa team celebrated the company's two years at Club300. Bowling, cocktails and despite the cold, we had a lot of fun!

Team Building

At Nixa, we are rather gamer. Our latest acquisition: The board game, Pandemic! Fighting a global virus is a challenge for the team.


Nixa offers its customers an innovative project management platform that allows them to manage their tasks, have complete control over the work in progress and the time spent, as well as control over their billing. Customers are in direct contact with the person working on your task. We are the most transparent company in the industry.


Vogue! Holiday party December 11th 2015 photo credit : Pierre Ouimet

Christmas at Nixa

We celebrated Christmas a few days early in the office, because we are a bit of a family. Beautiful gifts for everyone and Marc's special punch!

New Genius!

Hubert joins the management team as an assistant director. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from the School of Management Sciences at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Heard at Nixa

" CSS, that's me"

New toy

We love technology at Nixa and that is why we are always on the lookout for the latest trends! Our last fantasy: the Oculus Rift !!!!

New Employee

Annie joins the team as an accountant! We all welcome her!

La Grande Tablée de Montréal 2014

November 17th, 2014

Launch Party G Nix

We are pleased to celebrate the launch of our new agency! G Nix, a Digital Branding Agency. September 23, 2014 @ Patrice Patissier

New offices

Nixa moves to 465 St-Jean Street in Old Montreal. The view is pretty nice!

New Genius !

Seifeddine is a new front-end programmer! Here is the master of Angular, and definitely the best in PowerPoint presentations.

JAM Networking

Septembre 8th 2014 photo credit : Photo Albert Zablit

Launch of WhosDeliveringNow

We launched our search site for restaurants that deliver day and night. We were really hungry at night in the office!

New Genius !

Joseph is our new integrator, and a javascript pro!

New toy

At Nixa, we have fans of Rubik's Cube. From time to time we see speed battles!

Québec Entrepreneurship Contest 2014

Nixa, winner of the 1st prize in the category Services aux

New Genius !

Thomas, our new integrator, is also a humorist who takes his first steps on the boards!

Nixa celebrates it's first year

Nixa is one year old. Already! The adventure starts strong and we have the energy to go ever farther!

New Genius !

Aurélia is our new designer. Her job: make your projects beautiful!

New offices

We change places! A little more space and new offices!

New Genius !

Nadia is our new programmer. She knows python and javascript like nobody!

New offices

Nixa places it's luggage at the Chateau St-Ambroise a stone's throw from the Lachine Canal!

Launch of GO!

Official launch of our project management platform GO !, which will make life easier for our customers and for ourselves!

Founded in 2012

The Nixa adventure begins here!