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  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Commercialisation
  • GDPR Compliance
  • ADA Compliance (accessibility)
  • Infrastructure management


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Nixa Montreal named the most innovative web development firm in Québec.

MONTRÉAL, Sept. 4, 2019. Nixa, Montreal firm specializing in complex and customized web development and application, has been named as the Most Innovative Web Development Firm of the year in Quebec by CV Magazine, as part of the Technology Innovation Awards. 

CV Magazine recognizes, rewards and promotes, each year, industry leaders by naming the most innovative companies or projects to promote this growing industry and the players that enable it to evolve. 

Celebrating this year more than 6 years of development, innovation and results, Nixa is honored to receive this award which highlights its expertise and credibility in the market. Nixa masters the most innovative technologies and programming languages on the market while offering unique project management. It has proven itself through its extensive portfolio of projects and has maintained sustained growth through Canadian and international partnerships. In recent years, Nixa has been involved in numerous mandates in industries such as banking, pharmaceuticals, culture, recruitment, e-commerce, etc.

About Nixa: Founded in February 2013, Nixa is a respected web, software and mobile application development firm. Headquartered in Montreal and with offices in New York and Philadelphia, Nixa's teams are made up of a core group of experienced acolytes from different fields, different disciplines, with a common objective: to promote brands through a flexible, transparent, innovative, honest and above all, human model. 

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Marc F. Adam
Title: President
Telephone: 514-476-3938

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