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Nixa innovates by developing practic solutions to accelerate the development of your web projects. We bet on speed of execution, service and transparency

It's not just our tools that are brilliant, but also our team. It is composed of programmers, the most creative designers, strategists and developers in the industry. We are hiring geniuses, which is why your project will be a success.

Our mission is to enable our clients to offer the highest quality of web development services, able to accept complex web projects and to deliver on time. Our approach is focused on efficiency, quality and transparency.

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465 Saint-Jean street, #702
7th floor, Old Montreal
H2Y 2R6 (Quebec)

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60 Broad Street,
24th floor,
NY 10004, United States



Nixa + 1digitalagency
20 N 3rd Street,
PA 19106, United States

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