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Software development

JavaScript and Java: Similar Names, Different Functions

Unless you are a web developer yourself, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that Java and JavaScript were related. In fact, people conflating the two languages has almost become an inside joke among web developers. In fact, there is an entire website devoted to educating and reminding people that there is a significant difference.

Ethereum for eCommerce: A Viable Cryptocurrency?

In recent months discussions of Bitcoin have dominated much of the tech sphere, not only on forums but also on the front pages of major tech journals. The sudden, drastic rise in Bitcoin’s market value brought an influx of attention from groups outside of the usual tech-insider- enthusiasts who frequent bitcoin trading hubs and Bitcoin market trackers. With the incredible spike in value, financial experts, investors, and even amateur day traders looking for a pocket- change gamble came flooding into Bitcoin exchanges.

The Illusion of Single Player Internet Security

In the Rush to Blame, Companies Can Miss the Forest for the Trees In the ongoing saga of the Equifax security breach, the latest news is that Equifax is placing the responsibility for the breach on a single employee, who allegedly failed to patch a security vulnerability in an unnamed piece of software used by Equifax. As reported by the New York Times, the United States Department of Homeland Security had been aware of the security issue and notified Equifax of the issue. Equifax claims that it notified its IT department, but that a single individual failed to communicate the information necessary to fix the software.

Venmo, Square, and the Era of Peer-to-Peer Transfers

The Age of Delays and Fees. For years, the world of tech startups, seemingly in a rush to provide a futuristic reimagining of nearly every one of our daily habits, had yet to come up with a safe solution to one of the most basic interactions we undertake daily: the transfer of money. While ACH and debit transactions have existed for decades now, most transfers from individual to individual would take days without using cash or going through a complicated and inconvenient money wiring process often laden with fees. With the popularity of eBay in the late 90s and early 2000s, the demand for safer payment options increased and PayPal rose to fill that niche.

Responding to the Unprecedented Yahoo! Security Breach

We have all heard the oft repeated advice claiming that prompting your users to change their password every six months will help ensure their accounts stay safe and active, but the unfortunate truth is that malicious groups on the web have gotten more sophisticated in their pursuit of valuable personal data. Almost nothing illustrates this unfortunate fact than the latest news in the ongoing Yahoo! Security breach saga. As of this week, Yahoo! leadership announced that they had discovered that the breaches they had originally reported in 2016 were considerably larger in scope than they had originally thought.

Airbnb’s Latest Acquisition Draws a Line in the Sand

A Big Year With Bigger Implications It would be a tragic understatement to say that 2017 has been high-tension when it comes to online advertisements. With Google drawing the attention of regulatory bodies in the European Union and YouTube (a Google subsidiary) unintentionally setting its user base into a frenzy with the “AdPocalypse,” online advertisements as an institution has been run through the gauntlet this year. This week, things may have just gotten even more intense.

When a WPA2 Vulnerability Affects Computer Security.

For the last week, the web has been aflame with seeming panic over the revelation of a severe vulnerability in the WPA2 security protocol. Following weeks of other bad news in the tech security world, it would have been easy to believe that those plugged into the issues would begin feeling jaded about them. Instead, though, a passionate and rapid response began to circulate through the web.

Bitcoin for eCommerce Merchants: Digital Diamonds or Pyrite?

Discussions of Bitcoin have, fascinatingly, dominated the spheres of both financial and tech communication online for the better part of December. With the sudden explosion in the value of the Bitcoin digital cryptocurrency, it’s understandable that people just catching wind of the currency responsible for overnight millionaires and weekend bankruptcies might be tempted into investment by its sudden seeming viability. Bitcoin, however, is one of the most volatile investments on the web – even if that volatility is upward trending for now.

How PHP Has Changed: From Personal Tool to Global Phenomenon

PHP is one of the most recognizable scripting languages on the internet, and its acronym, if not its purpose, is known even to those who do not do regular work on the web. The language, used primarily to build upon webpages written in HTML, was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf, a professional programmer who designed it as a personal tool to improve his website. Now, PHP is used by over 83% of the websites on the net, according to research done by w3techs.

AI and eCommerce: A More Intelligent Future?

This week, Amazon announced yet another major step in their march towards artificial intelligence dominance: the integration of menial office task capability into Alexa, their artificial intelligence and voice shopping product. Alexa popularity has been steadily on the rise, just barely managing to pull ahead of Siri and Google Assistant in technology this year. Alexa’s new office skills, though, might prove to be the first major lead Amazon has on their competition.

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