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Software development

Understanding the importance of a landing page

With all the digital marketing tools out there, it can be difficult to make a choice for your next campaign. You've probably heard of landing pages without really knowing what they are. They're an essential conversion tool for your next campaign! What is a landing page? First of all, let's simply define what a landing page is.

The Illusion of Single Player Internet Security

In the Rush to Blame, Companies Can Miss the Forest for the Trees In the ongoing saga of the Equifax security breach, the latest news is that Equifax is placing the responsibility for the breach on a single employee, who allegedly failed to patch a security vulnerability in an unnamed piece of software used by Equifax. As reported by the New York Times, the United States Department of Homeland Security had been aware of the security issue and notified Equifax of the issue. Equifax claims that it notified its IT department, but that a single individual failed to communicate the information necessary to fix the software.

Airbnb’s Latest Acquisition Draws a Line in the Sand

A Big Year With Bigger Implications It would be a tragic understatement to say that 2017 has been high-tension when it comes to online advertisements. With Google drawing the attention of regulatory bodies in the European Union and YouTube (a Google subsidiary) unintentionally setting its user base into a frenzy with the “AdPocalypse,” online advertisements as an institution has been run through the gauntlet this year. This week, things may have just gotten even more intense.

Education, Facebook Ads, and Politics: A Chaotic Crossroad

It has now been just two months since Facebook revealed that Russian organizations purchased advertising space en masse with the intention to create sensationalized and controversial content that would trigger political in-fighting among American citizens. While many had theorized this possibility, the public reception to evidence of Russian ad manipulation had been controversial in and of itself. With the revelation of a coordinated campaign revealed by Facebook itself, however, surprise and apprehension have spread through everyday users and corporate clients.

Responsibility in Web Administration and the Decline of Uber

Unethical Behaviors Highlight the Need for Change. These last few months, we’ve written quite a bit about the importance of internet security, an online culture of secure behaviors, and the part companies’ website administration decisions play in the future of safety for their customers. This week yet another historic moment for business in the internet age occurred; Uber was revealed to have paid hackers to cover up a breach of driver and customer security. The fallout from this revelation is two-fold; customers are scared for their data, and the world of business is shocked that such an unethical choice was made by one of the tech industry’s most famous success stories.

Changes for Web Monetization: Safari’s New Privacy Feature

In early June of 2017, Apple Corporation announced that they would be integrating a feature into iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra’s Safari browser that would prove to, months later, become a major point of contention online. The new feature plays into Apple’s increasing focus on artificial intelligence, offering users machine learning enhanced privacy features within the Safari browser. With the launch of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra this week, advertising industry groups have come together to issue a complaint letter to Apple, claiming the new feature will “sabotage the economic model for the internet.

5 tips for a successful landing page

Une landing page, c’est quoi ? Une landing page, ou page d'atterrissage ou de destination, est par définition la page vers laquelle aboutit une campagne d’acquisition en webmarketing. La landing page est la clé d’une stratégie d’acquisition réussie et incontestablement un outil marketing puissant, ayant pour fonction d’assurer la conversion en récoltant des informations sur l’utilisateur. Elle permet d’amener l’internaute à effectuer l’action recherchée (par exemple accomplir un achat, remplir un formulaire, télécharger un document, etc).

Why create a blog for your business?

The first blogs appeared in the 90s and represent the first form of distributing personal content and sharing ad hoc information from other sources. In the early 2000s, we observed a popularization of the genre with the emergence of blogging platforms that offered a more neophyte public the possibility of publishing their content very simply. The types of blogs are multiplying, we will see the beginnings of social media.

What's new at Facebook

Facebook changes its algorithm: Facebook this week announced new changes to the display of its News Feed, aimed at improving the user experience by offering more content that interests them. In practice, this results in a display favoring the publications of friends (photos, statuses, videos) to the detriment of the content posted by the pages. The display will be modifiable by the user if he wishes to continue to see the publications of certain pages, but the default settings could harm the organic reach of the pages, already weak in general.

SEO - List of best practices

Our goal: to optimize our web presence for search engines. Ergonomics: the basis of a website The ergonomics of a site can be defined by its ease of use for the greatest number of people with different configurations, with maximum comfort and efficiency. The 3-click rule: useful or not? The 3-click rule enables web users to find the information they are looking for on your site in a maximum of 3 clicks.

Nixa is a specialized programming firm, expert in complex and custom web development. Based in downtown Montreal, Nixa provides web and application development services to businesses and organizations around the world in search of quality and performance.