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Software development

Why ASP.NET May Be Right For Your Next Project

What is ASP.NET? ASP.NET is part of the .NET Framework, a group of .NET platforms providing mobile computing, embedded devices, alternative operating systems, and web browser plug-in services. The .NET Framework was originally proprietary Microsoft software but became standardized soon after its initial release. It’s now free and open source.

The Giants of Cloud Computing

With the foreseeable future being so strongly influenced by technological changes in the arena of cloud computing, it is important for any entrepreneur doing business online to have a solid appraisal of the landscape. Even if you are not the tech specialist of your business, knowing how each of the major cloud computing companies functions and measures up can be vital to your profitability and success online. Building your sites, mobile apps, and support in the cloud can ensure persistent presence, allowing customers around the globe to keep connected with your company and the products you offer; however, without careful planning, costs can skyrocket.

The Main Frames: Node JS, React JS, & Angular JS

A Quick Overview of Popular JavaScript Frameworks. If you can get past the fact that JavaScript was originally called Mocha back in 1995, when it was first released, you’ll learn how fast it became the preferred web programming language due to its functionality and flexibility. As a note, it’s not to be confused with Java, another coffee term and different computer programming language.

Virtual Reality and Online Shopping, a Revolution?

One of the most talked about rising technologies in recent years has been Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tech. With nearly every major tech player putting forward an AR or VR solution, VR can seem like a foregone conclusion. A future for Virtual Reality tech seems even more likely when analyzing major VR-related acquisitions, the most notable of which is the acquisition of Oculus, the manufacturers of the pioneering “Oculus Rift” technology.

How the iPhone X Is Opening New Frontiers for Developers

With Apple’s exciting keynote on Tuesday, September 12, it seems like Tim Cook and the Apple team blew open the doors of opportunity for aspiring iPhone developers. With two new models announced, developers have a whole new frontier of options to explore, including a couple of totally new technologies that could prove to be just as influential as previous Apple innovations. In this blog, we will explore three of the major changes that the new models of iPhone will bring and what they mean for developers.

Futures, Promises, and the JavaScript Pyramid of Doom

JavaScript (JS) is a nearly ubiquitous programming language on the web. A vast majority of websites still actively employ JavaScript, and as a result of this universality, all web browsers now include native JS engines in order to facilitate the simple, smooth browsing of sites online. JS fluency is one of the most widely accepted signs of web developer competency, since so many web development positions will involve working with JS on a regular basis.

Why a Digital Firm Should Push for Python

8 Advantages Offered by Python Over Other Languages. In early 2017 Python overtook Java and JavaScript to become the most widely used programming language on the planet. Its popularity is not without rhyme or reason! There are certain advantages to Python that simply are not offered by other programming languages. At Nixa, our team of developers has a list of 8 reasons why Python is the programming language of 2017.

Nixa is a specialized programming firm, expert in complex and custom web development. Based in downtown Montreal, Nixa provides web and application development services to businesses and organizations around the world in search of quality and performance.