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Project Coordinator

What to do as a project coordinator

The project coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating projects in support of team leaders and project managers. He or she ensures that these projects respect the budget and the schedule granted for the execution of each of the stages.
He or she will be responsible for leading and motivating his work team in addition to coordinating and planning the various resources for the accomplishment of the projects.

Tasks and responsibilities

Ensure and manage ongoing projects with clients.

Delegate and assign tasks to the production team.

Support the prduction department.

Oversee the creation and timely completion of projects.

Perform quality control prior to project deliveries.

Ensure the preparation of material to support meetings with clients.

Preparing job estimates and closing of project orders prior to invoicing.

Participate in the development of project planning.

Work closely with the sales account manager.

Perform any other related duties relevant to this position.

You will be required to be present to work at our Montreal office 2-3 times per week.


Degree in a related field or experience with information technology or coordination experience.

More than 2 years of relevant experience in a similar role in agency, information technology or project coordination experience including 2 as a project coordinator.

Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.

Excellent communication skills.

Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously and work under tight deadlines.

Ability to deal professionally with staff members and clients.

Knowledge of Agile software development methodology.

Knowledge of web development and app production technologies and frameworks is a plus.

Be bilingual French and English (spoken and written).


Benefits of working at NIXA

4 paid sick/ personal days.

Equipment that allows working “full remote” (Macbook Pro).

Group insurance, including dental.

Quarterly “team building” activities.

Food and drinks, order every Monday with special requests.

Work at the office 2-3 days a week.

Group pension plan.

Modular and mobile office configuration.

AGILE team.

The Life of a Genius at Nixa

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Start a new project

We listen to you and give you projects to manage. We take the time to work on internal projects. Join Nixa, because it's just great to learn with us!

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The best working conditions

Flexible schedule, freedom of work, choice of projects. We innovate constantly, we are ahead of the industry in our practices. We are a great team, composed only of the best.

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Good Compensation

Because loot is also important, isn’t it?

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Collective Medical Insurance

With a generous package, your family is protected with our Medical Insurance.

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Team Building Activities

With a generous package, your family is protected with our Medical Insurance.

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(free) Food

Don't worry about afternoon food craving - we got you covered!

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Remote Work

We have great offices but we also have a great remote work policy :)

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Paid Sick Days

Because life happens, don't worry if you are sick and cannot work. Just take care of yourself and take a day off on us.

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Collective Retirement Plan

We're stronger together - plan your retirement while working.

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You are the Heart of the Company

Nixa is a dynamic agency, precursor of its domain. We want the best for our customers and think it's possible if we offer the best to our team members!

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NIXA is comprised of a solid core of experts from different fields, from application development to programming or marketing, with a common goal: to make its customers shine through a flexible, transparent, honest and above all human model.