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Case-study : Regina Assumpta

Web developement made with ♥️ from Montreal


Corporate Vision logo most innovator awards

About the Company

Regina Assumpta is a Sports and Cultural Center with 20 years of experience. They have combined their field expertise with a desire to innovate, creating a digital platform to support their activities.

Corporate Vision logo most innovator awards


The idea was to create a platform that would enable them to stand out in the market and clearly and concisely showcase their areas of expertise. The aim was to ensure ongoing visibility, raise brand awareness, and, most importantly, foster loyalty among their existing customers.

The Régina Assumpta College is a Montreal icon that has been supported by Nixa's expertise for many years in its digital transformation.

Corporate Vision logo most innovator awards

The Challenge

Standing out in a highly competitive market, while providing detailed and comprehensive information about a broad selection of services, was a difficult task. Despite the challenge, this goal was successfully achieved. The clear and concise information provided by the services allowed customers to e

Corporate Vision logo most innovator awards

The Solution

Nixa built a website for Regina Assumpta Sports and Cultural Center, featuring a custom calendar for scheduling, a client portal, and other complex features. The website has been a great success, allowing Regina Assumpta to track activities and manage clients more easily. Members can quickly and easily access the calendar and other features, even while on the go. It has also enabled the center to share events with the wider community.

The Result

Regina Assumpta





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