• Systems integration
  • Strategy
  • GDPR Compliance
  • ADA Compliance (accessibility)
  • Infrastructure management



  • Python
  • Django CMS
  • Drupal
  • Angular
  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • SasS
  • Bootstrap
  • JS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JQuery
  • Mysql

Case study

Saccade Analytics

Using Big Data to innovate in health and sports

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“Saccade Analytics was a unique project for Nixa that allowed us to work with cutting-edge medical and mathematical technologies and challenges that allowed the company to innovate.”

Marc F. Adam, CEO of Nixa

Facts about Saccade Analytics

Saccade Analytics is a SaaS solution for medical professionals and athletes that performs a medical exam using a virtual reality mask and launches it with a set of virtual reality tests, with the goal of preventing concussions. Nixa is the lead developer of this ambitious project in Python.

Saccade Anaytics


  • Backend development
  • Architecture
  • Développement frontend
  • Stratégie numérique
  • UX/UI Design

An application using virtual reality, Python and Big Data and allowing health and sports professionals to connect to make a quick diagnosis even in the middle of a game.

Platform and Technologies




CSS3 (Sass)




About Saccade Analytics

Nixa developed an API to receive the raw data to calculate formulas in Python language. Nixa deployed a secure digital platform that allows healthcare professionals to log into their account, view data via a dashboard from all devices: desktops, tablets, and mobiles with a responsive front-end interface.

The data collected in astronomical quantities thanks to sensors can be compiled in a short time and with a technology that is inexpensive compared to what is done in the field.

Find out how

Saccade Analytics began in 2016 with Dr Mimi Galiana and Isabel Galiana. Their research at McGill University developed the analysis of head and eye movements during. The goal of Saccade Analytics was to create a company to help medical professionals guide their diagnosis with accessible tools developed by Nixa among others.

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