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Case-study : SRC

Web developement made with ♥️ from Montreal


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About the Company

SRC Cancer Research Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing cancer research. The organization has been a leader in the field, developing new treatments and techniques, raising awareness of early detection and prevention, and providing support to those affected by cancer. Its commitment to the cause has made it a formidable force in the fight against this devastating disease.

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SRC needed their platform to be taken over and maintained to insure a constant access to information and resources.

The mission of the Cancer Research Society is so important that it affects the whole population. Nixa is proud to be able to contribute in its own way to advancing research on the disease by informing the population.

Marc F. Adam, CEO of Nixa

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The Challenge

The Joomla! platform, based on an old technology, needed to be regularly updated to limit risks and ensure the website's viability.

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The Solution

Nixa provides both proactive and reactive support to its customers. Proactively, we are recommending frequent updates and adjustments to ensure that SRC’s website is always up-to-date with the latest versions. Reactive support is available in case of emergency situations, offering a fast response to any unexpected issues that may arise. This ensures customers can rest assured knowing that any issues can be quickly and effectively resolved. Nixa recognizes the importance of providing both proactive and reactive support, as it ensures their customers are provided with the highest quality of serv

The Result






CSS3 (Sass)



NIXA is comprised of a solid core of experts from different fields, from application development to programming or marketing, with a common goal: to make its customers shine through a flexible, transparent, honest and above all human model.