Nixa, your specialized firm in web integration

Why Nixa?

1 Integration Efficiency and Speed

Our team has profound knowledge of all the latest tools that are currently used to speed up and improve the integration process of your website.

We are currently using style preprocessors (Sass), fast compilation systems (Gulp) and development frameworks (Bootstrap) to ensure that your website is built to perfection.

2 Content optimization

We are committed to respecting the W3C standards for HTML5 and CSS3, which guarantees loading page speeds, code stability, cross-browser compatibility and accessibility.

Your content will be greatly optimized for search engines such as Google (SEO), and it will be well optimized for social media sharing.

3 We Bring Design to Life

The design team ensures that the end result is as close to the wireframes as possible,

but we also take the time to bring your design to life with stunning animations and transitions that remain coherent with the rest of the website.

Our integration projects

What is an Optimal Integration?

What we guarantee at Nixa.

As designers, integrators and programmers, we work in close collaboration in order to guarantee an optimized process. The designers ensure the feasibility of their ideas by consulting integrators and programmers, meaning that the work of each is respected and facilitated by the work of others. The emphasis on teamwork also provides a great level of quality control, as everyone understands your vision and each convey that vision with their technical work on your project.


  • Pixel perfect integration
  • Knowledge of the latest integration trends
  • Efficiency and fast execution while respecting the W3C standards
  • Compatibility with the latest generation of browsers
  • Optimized content for search engines and social media
  • Added interactivity to the design in order to make it dynamic
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Possible integration with a CMS, such as Wordpress or Django CMS

47% of users will leave your page if it takes more than 2 seconds to load!

Which Projects Are Applicable?

1 Web Application Development

We may assist you in the development and integration of an interface based website, while implementing instant content loading. This type of website, also known as a web application, encourages a constant level of use from the user, while providing unique features that can be useful in the everyday life.

2 Mobile Project Development

We have developers and integrators that develop mobile apps for iOS and Android. With projects that can share a common database with your website, the possibilities are endless.

3 The Integration of a Creative or Corporate Site

It is possible for us to develop a corporate website, featuring all of your unique services, while having your custom content, fully dynamic. The ability to connect everything to a content management system (CMS) allows you to keep your website updated.