Nixa, your specialized firm in consulting services

Why Nixa?

1 Efficiency

Save money with our minute-based billing system. Nixa covers productivity losses, meaning that you only pay for the actual time worked on a task.

2 Performance

Your satisfaction is a requirement to us, which is why Nixa uses optimization processes, in order to prioritize quality assurance.

3 Transparency

Follow your project’s progress simultaneously, through our innovative Nixa Go! platform. Our exclusive, personalized tool allows you to be in direct contact with our developers and project managers.

Our Unique Minute-Based Model

Pure Productivity

Pure productivity means that you only pay for the time worked on your project. If our developer takes a break, discusses about another project or goes to a meeting that is not related to your project, we firmly believe that you should not pay for it. This gives you the best quality, the fastest development times and the best value for money ratio you will ever find.


  • Per minute billing: We absorb productivity losses.
  • Detailed reports: See where your investments are going and follow up on billing.
  • Manage your project online: Increase the productivity of your teams and projects!
  • Ensure continuous monitoring of the project by reporting on real-time tasks!
  • Customize your project by adding tasks during development!
  • Create accounts with personalized access for your partners and employees.
  • Receive notifications to alert you when your tasks start or finish!

A task created on Nixa Go! is on average taken care of in less than 2 hours

What type of project are you interested in?

1Web Application Development

What we call a complex web application. This typeof platform allows you toperform multiple actions in a fluid manner and thoughtful .

2 Mobile Project Development

We have a team dedicated to the creation of complete mobile apps for iOS and Android. Your projects can even share information between your application and website!

3 Website with Editable Content

Opt for a site that has a content management system (CMS) in order to have the ability to change and customize the content of your website, even after launch.

4 Setting up an ecommerce or transactional site

You want to sell products online with your website? Our team is composed of experts in the development of e-commerce platforms. Take advantage of the most efficient, safe and stable methods of product sales and distribution, while having direct access to your target audience.