Nixa, your specialized firm in design

Why Nixa?

1 On the lookout for the latest trends

Our design team is passionate and is always looking for the latest in the world of design: The use of material design, flat design, large typography, beautiful illustrations, exciting animations and unique color selections are techniques that we handle with care in order to give some personality to your project.

2 Responsive and accessible design

With our constantly evolving internet use, we strive for accessible designs, in order for anyone using any device to enjoy your website. We ensure that the design is adapted to tablets and mobile devices. Rest assured that the design is conceptualized with this in mind from the beginning of the creative process.

3 Storytelling in web design

In order to capture the user's attention, we tell the story of your brand and products to evoke an emotion and create a bond between you and your audience.

Our UI/UX Design Projects

At the Source of UI and UX

What is the user interface?

The user interface (UI) is the art of organizing graphical and textual elements to provide the user with a simple, intuitive and enjoyable interface.

What is the user experience?

The user experience (UX) is a set of technical considerations to address the needs and user expectations, in order to get them to realize a clear and defined action.

The work of the designer is to initiate a reflection on the expectations and needs of the user, armed with UI and UX, which are both complementary and interdependent. While the UI focuses on graphics, text or aesthetic, the UX will question the user behavior and seek to make his experience rich, easy and practical.


  • Deliver a clear and precise message
  • Accompany users in their visit
  • Achieve an action (purchase, sign and follow on social media)
  • Gain loyal users
  • Ensure the sustainability of the project
  • Solidify your brand image - a reassuring, convincing and clear site will increase the trust of your audience

75% of users rely on the design of a website to determine the credibility of a company!

What type of design are you interested in?

1 Creative Website Design

A picture is worth a thousand words: Promote your message through a powerful graphic universe. We are able to set up a web design that combines color, typography and imagery to create an emotion and convey your values.

2 Corporate Website Design

Transmit your corporate values and your expertise while efficiently connecting with your target audience. We know the importance and impact of your brand, so we work hard to convey your professionalism and expertise through effective web design.

3 Web Application

A web application needs to have a clear and effective interface in order to ensure a simple and intuitive use of advanced features. This is why, in terms of design, the effective planning and execution of UI and UX is important.