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Software Development

Nixa is a specialized programming firm, expert in complex and custom web development. Based in downtown Montreal, Nixa provides web and application development services to businesses and organizations around the world in search of quality and performance.

Our Expertise

Nixa stands out in the field of web development and application development, leading world-class projects with recognized expertise. Our development engineers are not only skilled in a multitude of programming languages like Python, PHP, and JavaScript, but also excel in creating innovative solutions through the use of composable architecture. This flexible approach allows us to seamlessly integrate various frameworks and technologies, thereby offering tailor-made and scalable solutions.


Web Development

At Nixa, user experience is part of our DNA. It is for this reason that we strive to develop applications that follow the best standards of UX and UI design in interface programming user-friendly that will allow all users to be able to navigate easily. Whether it is for web development, software development or SaaS development, we assure navigation that is accessible for all.


UX/UI Design

Our team expertly uses and trains AI models, achieving groundbreaking results in web and software development. Specializing in deep learning and predictive analytics, we transform complex algorithms into smart solutions, enhancing project efficiency and innovation, and setting new standards in technological advancement.


Artificial Intelligence

Nixa is a cloud-native company. We run our entire business in the cloud and manage the cloud infrastructure of several hundreds of clients. We are experts in cloud-based high availability, redundancy, automated deployments, cloud migration and digital transformation. Use our experience and expertise to your advantage to build your business in the cloud.


Cloud Management

Nixa's cybersecurity expertise is built on more than a decade of managing our clients' infrastructure and digital presence. We focus on making cybersecurity a top priority, ensuring our clients' peace of mind with robust protection against cyberattacks and secure handling of sensitive data. At Nixa, we develop and maintain secure systems that safeguard the personal information of millions worldwide.



Nixa excels in tailored enterprise software development, focusing on robust, scalable solutions aligned with your unique needs. We emphasize advanced technology, user-centric design, and security, driving your business's digital transformation and future readiness.


Software Development

What the Industry Says


Best Web Development Firm - Canada

Corporate Vision 2021

#10 - Top 50 IT companies in Canada

Best Startup Canada 2021

Best Web Development Firm - Quebec

Corporate Vision 2020

Most Innovative Web Development Firm - Quebec

Corporate Vision 2019

Case Study: Hitlab

Nixa was mandated to design and develop a cutting-edge web platform for Hitlab. The DEAS platform uses a unique machine learning technology to analyze uploaded songs and assign them a potential success score by comparing them with all the hits on billboards over the last 40 years.

The mandate was to create a web platform allowing artists to create an account, buy credits, upload audio files, consult their score, etc. The result is an award-winning platform developed by Nixa, which contains transactional functionalities, user management, profile management and social interactions.

This global project has just been launched in sub-Saharan Africa and will soon be deployed in Asia and South America.

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