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Digital Transformation

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Software development

The Changes in Web Development Since the Advent of the Web

Moore’s law, which states that microchips have doubled in power every approximately two years and will continue to do so, is constantly called upon to predict the advancement of hardware and the capabilities of hardware in the coming years. It is, however, less frequent to see the implications and characteristics of Moore’s law explored in regards to how it affects web development and design. There is no doubt that the internet most Americans began to experience in the 1990s is vastly different than the one we log on to and communicate with one another through now every day.

8 tips to increase the conversion of your website

Often customers ask us how we can evaluate the success of a site or a campaign? Our answer: The conversion rate. The conversion of a website is its ability to mobilize a target audience through a communication tool such as a website. What is the conversion rate on your website? If you do not know it, you must now put the necessary tools in place to be able to calculate it.

Material and the Google Now style

In the first part of this series, we covered using the Metro style to present a website in a structured way, with a style that is very modular and places great emphasis on typography. It is advisable to read the first part, which can be found here, if you have not already done so. In Part 2 of this series, we'll discuss Google's Material style inspiration.

Learn AngularJS

Angular est un framework MVC côté client, développé en JavaScript par Google, c'est un framework Open Source qui gagne rapidement en popularité. Il a pour but de simplifier la syntaxe javascript, en lui ajoutant de nouvelles fonctionnalités et ainsi faciliter la réalisation d'applications web.

JavaScript Frameworks

Some large-scale web applications are extremely complex. For their development, JavaScript (JS) cannot be used alone to create a stable base and guarantee the quality and durability of the code. That's why MVC (model view-controler) frameworks exist, providing structure and guidance for the development of these applications.

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