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Why a Digital Firm Should Push for Python

8 Advantages Offered by Python Over Other Languages

In early 2017 Python overtook Java and JavaScript to become the most widely used programming language on the planet. Its popularity is not without rhyme or reason! There are certain advantages to Python that simply are not offered by other programming languages. At Nixa, our team of developers has a list of 8 reasons why Python is the programming language of 2017. And why it’s likely to be the preferred language for a long time to come.

Open Source & Free to Use

Python is developed in an open source license that allows anyone to use and share the language entirely for free. Even developers and businesses that want to utilize Python for commercial purposes, do not have to pay a dime to code in this language. As well, developers can be certain that Python will remain free in the future, which allows agencies to confidently pass along any savings to their clients.
While the pricetag is a big advantage, another reason Python as an open source language is great for developers and end users is the language is continuously modified by a network of programmers. This leads us to benefit number two.

The Size of Its Ecosystem

There are specific advantages to being the most widely used programming language on the planet, and Python certainly capitalizes on those advantages. Python has developed a robust system of frameworks, testing environments, and data analysis tools, and it doesn’t keep these hidden. Instead, it allows users to work within each part of the ecosystem. When your ecosystem has input from hundreds or thousands of intelligent programmers, it will organically improve. Quite literally, Python is driven by programmers that constantly bring innovation to the system.

Consistency of Python’s Popularity

Python was first developed back in the 1980’s, and over the course of more than 35 years, the library of Python coding has consistently increased. As an open source license, a set of coding completed by one programmer can be shared with everyone else. When you have a language that has been consistently popular for 25 years, a lot of sharing has taken place.
Today, programmers can have access to all of that information through a website interestingly named “The Cheese Shop.” Found at, the library of Python code can be utilized in new projects. This saves time when a programmer goes to write code for nearly any project or purpose.

Versatility of a General Purpose Language

As a general purpose language, Python has a role in powering everything from Instagram to Intel. It is applied in these businesses, and a range of others, for a variety of coding purposes. It can be used to manage systems or make art, and everything in between. Of all the coding languages out there, Python is one of the most versatile.
Once this coding language is part of the repertoire, a programmer is valuable to a range of employers and clients.


Unlike a number of other coding languages, Python remains blissfully simple to read. It mirrors natural language in its commands, which makes it faster to learn and easier to spot mistakes. Also, it is faster to alter the code when something changes on your app or website. While readability is a major benefit of Python, the language adheres to strict punctuation requirements. This aspect of Python is detested by some programmers and beloved by others.

Python and Scalability

A number of coding languages encounter issues with scalability. When it comes to Python, the language was not designed for inherent multi-threading, but it does a decent job handling this issue. The common run-time in “vanilla” Python will prevent a lot of the multi-threading that bogs down the system and creates efficiency issues.

Django Is Behind Some of the World’s Biggest Websites

Django is the open source web application framework written with Python. Not immediately impressed by this information? You should be.
Django is the framework behind some of the world’s most visited websites including Pinterest, The New York Times, and Instagram. Not only does this list of websites show that Django and Python are popular, but it also shows diversity and versatility. A number of businesses and industries are well served by coding with Django, and Python is the coding language that powers this important framework.

The Need for Speed

Whether you are coding an automated process or building an entire smartphone app, coding in Python is efficient. A seasoned web developer could complete an entire project in days when using Python. This is in comparison to other languages that may take weeks to accomplish the same set of tasks. In a world where clients and customers are greatly invested in quick turn around, coding in Python can mean meeting more deadlines and keeping customers happier.

Still Undecided?

It can be incredibly confusing to read about the benefits and disadvantages of a particular coding language and decide if it is the right language for your website or project. If you are still undecided whether Python is the right language for your next project, seek the advice of a knowledgeable programmer. At Nixa, our team can answer questions regarding Python, its application in the real world, and alternative languages you could consider for your investment in your online storefront.


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